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Some bitch who sings in Black eyed Peas and also does solo stuff. Once peed her pants onstage at a concert and all in all she sucks.
Fergie is a loser who makes crap music and needs to move to jupiter.
by nickybaby12345 September 25, 2010
A singer and performer that loves to sing about having her "box eaten out"
Dang Fergie likes oral!
by The BAC September 24, 2007
Former singer of the Black Eyed Peas. Atrociously overrated, talentless, full of herself hip-hop star with a proclivity to pee herself on stage while performing. Butt ugly to boot but thought by many to be extremely attractive.

Sadly, also the nickname of a certain British royalty who gets my undying condolences for sharing her nickname with such awful trash.
Typical 18 year old chick: Like OMG girl did you hear Fergie is coming here for a concert?!

Typical 18 year old chick's friend: Like no way sister! Let's pee ourselves, put on 150 pounds of make up and put on trashy urban slutty clothing before we go!
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007
An old, washed-up female vocalist who used to sing for the group Black-eyed Peas but now went solo. Her hit song is Fergalicious which basically can be described as Hi. I'm Fergie. I can spell third grade level words. I think I'm really hot but actually I'm ugly. Sometimes I work out. I also think every human male is in love with me but I'm not easy, sleazy or promiscuious.
Too bad you are Fergie.
Girl-Hey do you like Fergie?
Boy-No. She is washed-up and old. Plus she is nothing without the Black-Eyed Peas.
by XOdanaOX January 05, 2007
1.FERGIE,noun.A terrible 'singer' originally from the band Black Eyed Peas.Tried to launch a solo career and failed miserably.Looked up to by the chav nation.
2.FERGIE,verb.To make one's ears bleed.
1.'I went to a Fergie concert and proceeded to projective vomit over the row of people in front of me after hearing her voice.'
2.'I had to go to the hosiptal after Olivia fergied whilst singing the latest Christina Aguilera song.'
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
fer*gie. v. -to punch someone in the eye and then urinate in their face, named for a famous member of the black eyed peas
man, my girlfriend said she wasn't into watersports, so I put "don't phunk with my heart" on the stereo and gave her a fergie.
by jimmy kas August 21, 2005
1) Red faced observer of stop watches.
2) Smug, arrogant pompous scot
1) To get so mad you throw the nearest thing you see at the nearest person you see
Looks like fergie is playing mind games again

He threw a right fergie when the referee blew up 20 seconds early
by Henry Lartey February 15, 2004