A ferg, or fergs, is a term used for the many students that attend the very wealthy John A. Ferguson Senior High School in Miami, FL. Fergs usually travel in packs of numerous amounts and are usually found around the Ferguson area. Many of the male fergs claim they are "gangster" and "tough" despite they live in the west kendall region and are afraid of their mothers chancleta when they get home. As far as female fergs go, they don't wear anything that isn't a popular brand name and travel with the male fergs as their "bitches" or "hoes". Thus, fergs are just generally an embarassment to the entire Miami Dade County population.
1. Ew, this place is infested with fergs!
2. Sally, stop acting like a chonga, you are nothing but a ferg!
3. Look at those fergs.. they think they're so cool.
#ferg #fergs #fergy #ferguson #fhs
by ferg hater 305 November 10, 2006
UK Slang word for Farmer. The stereotype being one who says things such as "ooarrr" and talks about the weather, often chewing straw and having bailing twine wrapped around their waste to keep their trousers up.
"God I hate auction day, town becomes infested with those smelly old fergs"
by Borris McFly November 20, 2003
Someone who consumes too much alcohol, fags, drunks, women & men.
Liam is an absolute FERG.
#ferg #fergalicious #addict #pimp #swinger
by NGF November 18, 2007
FERG is a word that is spelled and carefully pronounced as to not offend the gay community. It can be spelled either 'ferg' or 'furg', and is a branch-off from the word 'fag'.

The word fag is defined as "a homosexual person; a stupid person.'

The word 'ferg/furg' simply means dumbass, retard, douchebag, and stupid fuck, in nicer terms.

It is usually screamed at another person in such a way that it sounds like the word fag but there is really that underlying sound that makes it furg.
Person: Loook at my shoes! They GLOW!
Cool Person: God Kevin, you're such a FERG.

*Person Honks At Girls Walking Down Street*
#fag #homosexual #furg #morris catholic high school #parsippany high #gay
by Sinyaro March 02, 2009
slang word for somebody who is gay,or not cool.
mikie fransicus is a ferg.
#gay #homo #faggot #duesch #homosexual
by Kyle & sharee October 24, 2006
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