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a collection of female emcees. get it... female + emcees = femcees!
arhh... them femcees are on real fm every friday 6-8... there kinda good for girls innit
by Lexus April 05, 2005
A woman who raps or freestyles. The feminine equivalent of an 'emcee'.
Yeo, my favourite femcee be Rah Digga.
by Seanio March 21, 2004
A female MC.

Most are highly underrated, yet some are lame, loose women with ghost writers and no flow that ruin it for the rest. *cough* Foxy Brown, Lil' Kim *cough*

Some of the best: Rah Digga, Shawnna, Jean Grae
Yo, Jean Grae is one of the realest femcees.
by Pomegranate July 04, 2006