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harry under the influence of felix felicis

herione: well, how are u feeling ??

harry: excellent. really ******* excellent im going to hagrids
by max y September 27, 2010
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(Fee-LICKS Fi-li-KUS) is the name of a fictional potion in the book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that grants temporary good luck to the drinker. The name, like many things in the Harry Potter novels, is Latinate in origin, and translates to "lucky of lucky," or "happy of happy." ("happy", strictly speaking, means "lucky.")
Harry: "With this Felix Felicis, I can do anything..."
Snape: "How about shutting the hell up!?"
by Tyrael October 13, 2005
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Basically what Adderall is to people without ADD or ADHD.
Crammer: "Hey Bavmorda, let me get some of that Felix Felicis of yours, I have three finals tomorrow..."
Bavmorda: *Wonders off chasing a butterfly*
by Tyrael October 13, 2005
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