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it is a latin name called lucky, but also known as sexy fuckin' girl
do you see that girl? she is a total felisha.
by fefe October 28, 2004
A person who reflects Christ through their actions and voice. Beautiful both on the inside and out. A person who believes in others when he or she is completely at rock bottom. Faithful till the end in trust, love, friendship. Totally an AMAZING PERSON! With out a person like Felisha life would be miserable!
A little bit of Felisha makes the world a good place. A lot of Felisha makes the world a great place!
by Rockyoursox May 19, 2009
A name for an annoying, full of her self girl.

Commonly used by girls.
Girl 1: She is so annoying
Girl 2: She is just another Felisha

Did you hear? the new girls is a Felisha.
by KawaiiCassa3 January 26, 2016
generally a female name meaning "lucky", however, is quite unlucky most of the time. especially with the opposite sex.
also called an "Full Bag of Crazy" in some cases.
"Oh, god. She got turned down again."
"Why does she even try?"
"We should rename her 'Felisha'."
by luckyy cheer March 21, 2009
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