An acronym describing finishing a task early and making an exit to pursue more meaningful and satisfying activities. i.e. Finish Early, F**k Off.
(Sam:) Tim, did I see you leaving the office at 3pm?
(Tim:) Yeah, not much going on in the world of light fittings today so I fefo'd that shit, went home and jacked it.


Have you heard about the latest meme on Urban Dictionary? you gotta check out FEFO, it's a thing now, everyone's using it... if you don't you're not cool anymore (assuming you were cool in the first place).
by zoomlion March 12, 2011
Top Definition
Female Follower on one's twitter account.
There's lots of hot fefos sending me DMs; gonna try to get 'em to send me pics.
by Nogg October 26, 2012
Faceboook Earthquake Freak Out. when everyone posts about an earthquake when clearly we all felt it.
OMGG EARTHQUAKKEEEEE. IT WAS SOO SCARY. i thought id tell the world about it by F.E.F.O.
by smileyygurll July 07, 2010
a wierd thingy; a mishappening
Hes and fefo person.
by fefo November 22, 2006
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