A slang word for faceas or fecal matter
Urrrrrrrgh!! Copelands just feeshed everywhere!!
Theres Feesh in the toilet
The Feesh
Theres feesh hanging out of his anus
#poo #feesh #feaces #turd #richard #crud #poop
by The FF September 07, 2009
Top Definition
1. Used in the place of expletives for comic effect.
2. Used in the place of other words which other conversation participants understand. Similar to ellipsis.
3. Synonym for the best thing ever.
4. An insult, depending on context.
5. Fish. Often, but not always, the type used to slap people.
1. "What the feesh?"
2. "You remember the... the feesh, right?"
2. "Aw, you're such a feesh."
4. "That was so feeshy!"
5. "Last summer we went scuba diving and saw feesh!"
#fish #feesh #comedy #funny #humor #humour #ocean #awesome #cat
by Bravepower April 20, 2007
Fish, when described with a ridiculous and fake Italian accent.
I needa somma feesh!
by Rosh April 20, 2003
A little-known, rounded breed of fish that hops around, breathes air, and doesn't think much. Members of this species may explode randomly, unless they happen to be named Alfonso.
"Finish with that Feesh, I needs it for mah soofle."
by Mr. Feesh May 09, 2005
a spoiled white fish who eats other fish. Even though he has only been to canada once it is his favorite country. He runs track and over works himself in such a way that he is the only person in the track group that can't break 60 seconds. The feesh has two houses and a dog named Jack that he sprays water at.
Greg Feeshberger
#fish #canada #track #white #ilana brown
by Grant Bronfman June 04, 2011
A silly misspelling of Fish.
I have to feed my feesh
by Whilly-D September 23, 2003
fish, in japanese
You make feesh!
#ringo #to-kun #no talk me back #no praypray round #bring-bring praya chris
by sk and ks November 16, 2010
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