One who is feeble, usually mentally, but occasionally physically as well.
That old lady surrounded by all the seagulls looks like a feeb; let's take her purse.
by echolocator October 05, 2003
A different word used to describe facebook.
oh man dude I am totally gonna put that pic on feebs later
by theelbowmaster July 02, 2010
one who cant make the basketball team
William Feeb Reeder
by EDddie324322 November 14, 2008
A combination of cute, nice, pettable and the literal meaning of feeble.
OMG, that baby is so feeb!

Daniel gave me a rose yesterday, he was so feeb.

Im sick, Im feeb
by happyfeet88 December 12, 2006
Best friends (forevaaaaaa!)

(Basically, Cary and Matt rock at life and are FEEBs.)
Damn, we are FEEBs for life.
by blahblahah January 04, 2006
An upper class person, a snob.
I wish you feebs would stop coming down here and acting like we're animals in a zoo.
by JFinlay February 20, 2006
1)The backwards spelling of beef.
2)Usually used when a vegetarian begins to eat meat again.
3)Type of food.
4)Somthing Chris doesn't understand.
1)"What are you eating?"
"What's that?."
"Beef spelt backwards."

2)"I started eating feeb again."
"What's feeb?"
"I thought you were a vegetarian."
"I was until I starting eating feeb again."

3)Feeb tastes like murder, murder is beef, and beef tastes good.

4)"Chris yesterday Sarah ate feeb."
Chris: "What's feeb?"
"Spell it backwards."
Chris: "You mean fig?"
"No feeb. F-E-E-B."
Chris: "Fig?"
"NO FEEB, spell it backwards"
Chris: "Uhhhh"
Chris: "Uhhhh"
"It mean's beef.."
by JooliaInWonderland March 04, 2008

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