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The act of observing and taking pleasure in someone's superior skills already knowing the outcome of an event.

Derived from the greatest tennis player of all time, Roger Federer.
A: I cannot not enjoy watching that sort of tennis from the great man!

B: You're right! Just watch and fedjoy girls and boys, we'll never see someone like him ... it's just like watching Jordan winning his 6th title ... happily Rog will keep it up 1-2 more years.


A: Did you see that? They were on the sideline crying after the game while we were celebrating.

B: I fedjoyed the game but I wasn't aware of that.


A: WTF? Why would you possibly play so seriously against your 6-year-old daughter?

B: Can I have fedjoyment once in my life?
by Tiebreaker September 14, 2009

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