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1. (interj.) A phrase that someone says when something bad happens. The increasing vulgarity of each word is caused by the speaker getting more and more pissed off, culminating in a resounding fuck bomb.

2. (n.) A highly grotesque encounter between two or more gay guys, as can be inferred by the name.
1. (driving in car, late for work) "Feces!"

(driver spills coffee on self) "Poop!"

(driver swerves on road) "Crap!"

(cop chases after driver) "Shit!"

(driver crashes car) "FUCK!!!"

2. Guy #1: You hear that Tom and Bill had a feces poop crap shit fuck?
Guy #2: No, I didn't. What's that?
Guy #1: Oh, well they produced feces, then pooped, then crapped, then shat, all whilst fucking.
Guy #2: Oh, that makes sense. Thanks for letting me know, #1.
by fpcsf bomb August 17, 2011

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