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A highschool located in Hyde Park, New York where just about every three months it gains a heavier reputation. Loaded with red necks, 14 yr old 'gangstas', a small squad of intellectuals and an army of disrespectful children. Won many gold trophies for 'incidents' such as fox carcuses in bathroom, trapped cow on second floor, students jumping out windows in attempt to protest, lethal air supply, distasteful water, and a principal self-stabbing, this "zero tolerence" school is definitely the place to send your child. If you're not an artist looking to go to art school, choose a different system. Dane Cook for a goverment teacher and RichBitch as an Economics teacher, this school provides a well-balanced staff of knowledgeable folk. The place where rules mean absolutely nothing, and if it was at all possible, flamboyant 'Rent' characters, "mike and kate in the morning", would be hanging dead in the court yard.
"Where do you go to school?"

-"F.D.R. dude"

"Isn't that the school where the princip-"

-"I was in lockdown till 4:00, yea.."

fdr highschool
by holland!!! February 28, 2009
High schoool in Hyde park new york. filled with expelled kids from poughkeepsie. hyde park is a ghettto little town as well. also known for having terrible sports coaches and the qb who spike it on 4th & 1. lotta coke and heroin a go threw here. Tons of pranks, stinkbombs cows foxes jumping out windows, you name it Fdr got it. also known for the kid who sliced his nutsack off and ran around and the principle who stabbed himself. BUT THE BEST THING? Charles "big chuck" rohn went here for his firts 21 years of schooling. apparentely hes playing D1 ball for UNC but hes probabley drinking a 40 playing regina coeli cyo hs basketball
yo you go to fdr high school?

fuck yea nigga we run shit up here.

shit you got anything for me?

i got a .22 3 e pills and a 40 bag of cali kush. shits fire hardest shit around
by hudson valley schools May 16, 2011
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