A complimentary word coming from "Faggot" but meaning the total opposite. Usually Pronounced Fey-get. It could be used describing someone that was also a dick to you. As in "You Fayget, you stepped on my ancle."
"Hey John, Your a Fayget!"-wade
"Oh thank you, ya Fayget!"John
by Vvade May 24, 2008
Top Definition
gay Another Word For Faget or Faggot...
"Oh my god, what the FKCU was that? I know you're hacking you freakin' fayget!"
by Bin_Master_666 April 12, 2005
Another way of calling someone a faggot. Only illiterate fucks who have a speech impediment pronounce it this way.
Did you see that black scene kid? Dude was such a fayget... you wanna play some Halo?
by BoardUpTheHouse October 14, 2009
1: a faggot
2: fuck
1: That kid over there is a fayget man.

2: Man id fayget that girl over there.
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