He got that beamer, you know the fawn
by Palak September 17, 2003
A sexual position involving 9 lemons, a mini tramp, a baby elephant, and the naval canal.
To fawn, the act of fawning
Bro, my nostril is retarded sore from fawning this weekend...but soooo worth it
by WillyDom February 16, 2011
Name most often derived from hippie/pot head parents. This person is normally semi attractive and can be caring and compasionate at times. However, don't be fooled by their affection. They are very unpredictable, and affection is normally shown before they ask you for something or are about to do something stupid. This person is a terrible decision maker. They are normally medicore to a little above average at best in the sack. If you encounter one of these women it is best to continue walking. Avoid confrontation at all costs.
The Fawn is unable to hold a normal relationship.
by Tom_Foolery_01496 February 05, 2010
Common slang for a closet whore. Bottom feeder, most likely to not remember her name, cant remember if she popped a child out of her flaps. Vapor rub sniffing heffer who doesnt even realize its an addiction. Someone most likely to cause you nightmares. After seeing an old nasty wornout twat. Dependent succubus who shows her flaps to boys as young as 6. Most likely to sleep with your man until she spreads her legs and they get a rude awakeing. Thats right boys take a big whif and realize what you lost! Someone who tries to cover her funk with perfume to make it more funky. Unhygienic skank. Most likely to sleep with dead corpses for her deadly obsession and infatuation of sex.
Example No1:

Person 1: That girl sure is a Fawn!

Person 2: Oh wait she is Fawn.
person 3: Lame.

Example No2:
Person 1: Hey how old are you
Fawn: I dont know between 20 and 100
Person 1: is that your daughter?
Fawn: I dont know I remember braiding a young girls hair but I dont know if shes mine or not. -Walks away-
Person 1: Psycho.
by Stella9<3 February 28, 2010
used in place of the F word.
You can use it as an insult, but may NOT say "Fawn you."
Used to describe something displeasing or frustrating.
"What the fawn?"

"That person is such a fawn."

"This is boring as a fawn."
by KatieCoo March 18, 2007
An fart that is so loud or noisy that it makes other people in the room want to fart in response; similar to the way that an expressive yawn is contagious. Fawns are often involuntary, though they have been known to be used as communication techniques.
Last night, grandpa ripped a fart the sounded like it slipped out, ran down his leg, danced around his inside his sweat pants, bounced off his Ugh, and tried to slip it's way back up, but another one was already there blocking it. I almost lost control and ripped a massive fawn in response.

by Don Gately February 17, 2008
Fake Ass Wankster Native. These are commonly found in the subways and at the transit centers and in the malls all over Canada (and also possibly the USA), especially hobo-infested cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, or Toronto. The average age is about 14 or 15, and they usually wear Exco or Exhaust clothing (because it is cheap but looks like 'real' urbanwear). They are commonly seen smoking stolen cigarettes and flashing gang signs they don't even know, waving two-inch knives, and hustling the elderly with phrases such as "if ya dont gives me that skrilla im'a hafta buss' a cap in yo' ass, bizzitch!" Often they will wear brightly colored bandannas and extremely large plastic or aluminum jewelry (their 'ice') with glass glued to the front of it to simulate diamonds. As a matter of fact, these bright objects they are so fascinated with help you pick them out on a crowded subway platform and single them out to get pushed infront of the next train consist. They typically walk with a large stride to act 'ghetto' (which they are not, because if they were ever to step infront of a true gangsta and utter that shit, they'd be missing most of their face). When confronted, they will most likely exclaim "i' not fuckin' u up now bitch i hasta go's and get me my backup!" and then quickly and orderly board a bus or hide behind a wall. They love to act like they are from the hood in a big city, but as we know they are usually from a rural Indian Reserve. And, they are a far cry from being 'gangstas'. The background of this phrase is that it started in Edmonton because a phrase was needed to describe the numerous inbred childhood imitations of 50 Cent that crowd around in downtown Edmonton's Original City or Jasper Place Borough. They will often try to chill there and in the subways waaaaay past their bedtime.

Although this phrase contains 'native' this in no way intends to diss upstanding Native Americans or even true Native 'gangstas'. It's the fake bitches this one's for.
Me: Holy shit man, is that anotha' one of those FAWN bitches tryin' to beat up that lady in a wheelchair? Come on boyz; lets show this chug he better act rite...
FAWN: What th' fuck is yo' problem ya whitey? You wanna go bizzitch?
Me (laughing as i hold my shank): Well then, lets go ya fuckin chug bring your ass!
FAWN: um, um, sit tight, uh... b....b....bitch im gon's to go get mah backup aight?
Me: *SMACK* Run along now boy i'll be waitin!
And so the FAWN jumps on the next train that heads his way, neeeeever to be seen again.
by UrbanMastermind February 15, 2005

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