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Rationalization or justification of behaviors that reinforce or keep a person fat.

Justifying eating patterns (I can only ever eat fast food, I don't have time to go home to eat or the money to buy my own groceries and make my own food).

Rationalizing fatty behaviors (I went on the elliptical for fifteen minutes, therefore I deserve a grand feast at the Golden Corral).

Fatty logic.
Fat Chick: "I used to have a lap band surgically in place to stop me from overeating."

Me (to myself): "Total fatty logic. The problem wasn't your stomach, the problem is all in the fork! Why treat symptoms of the problem instead of correcting the problem itself. Food enters through the mouth - that's the gateway, and dieting/exercise is the solution."

Fat Chick (somehow responding to my inner thoughts): "Maybe I can just duct tape my mouth shut after dinner. Yeah, that would work at cutting calories!"

Me: (Sigh, and eww.)
by Jeffro303 February 07, 2013
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