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n. A fatty boom batty is packing a fat lip of dip and being fratastic. Throwing in a fatty boom batty is a past-time assosciated with playing video games, watching tv, and in the scummiest cases...making out with a girl. Fatty boom battys are best when used with skoal mint, skoal straight, and bandits. The ultimate fatty boom batty is also known as the Civil War, preferrably with a full sample tin of skoal minter on the bottom and mint bandits on the upper. I t is not a fatty boom batty if you dip while beating off, then it is just dirty and scummy and for pussies not man enough to get on bitches with a true fatty boom batty in. If u want to be really fratty, then call it a fratty boom batty and pack 8-10 lippers a day.
"I need a Fatty Boom Batty!!!" "Lipppeerrrsss!! Yea, fatty boom battys!!!" I love fatty boom battys
by Mark Payne December 15, 2006
7 54
n. a spliff
"We went to a bar and smoked a fatty boom batty"
by Ads February 13, 2003
86 21
A cannabis joint of unruley size. Usually pertaining to a double papered joint that while of regular length has a disproportionately wide girth.
Yo, I just rolled up a fatty boom-batty jay of this skunky ass weed yo! Were gonna get so high...yeah!
by ChunkyD August 14, 2006
20 1
A large, oversized spliff, usually made with weed rather than cannabis resin.
"Let's stay at home and smoke a Fatty Boom-Batty"
by Ross Purvis November 09, 2003
7 3
A big motherfucking joint, at least 2 big rizla's.
As I came into Sam's room and he was just rolling up a Fatty boom batty, next news he blazed that motherfucker up and it smoked goood!
by Glaswejin July 04, 2011
11 9
The biggest of all blunts or a big girl one would like to poke
1. Yo man twist up another fatty boom batty bulnt!
2. Maaannn, last night I needed to get some and there was no one but a fatty boom batty
by lonestar July 28, 2004
5 4
an extremely greedy greedy fat or thin person who has eyes as big as their belly
ur havin your 6th packet of dairylee dunkers in a row..u just a fattyboombatty
by rattyratan October 16, 2009
0 2
A female of the obese type, especially in the posterior region.
Tom: Did anybody see that chick I was dancing with last night?
Wes: Dude, two words, Fatty Boombatty!
by Weslon June 02, 2006
2 19