n. A fatty boom batty is packing a fat lip of dip and being fratastic. Throwing in a fatty boom batty is a past-time assosciated with playing video games, watching tv, and in the scummiest cases...making out with a girl. Fatty boom battys are best when used with skoal mint, skoal straight, and bandits. The ultimate fatty boom batty is also known as the Civil War, preferrably with a full sample tin of skoal minter on the bottom and mint bandits on the upper. I t is not a fatty boom batty if you dip while beating off, then it is just dirty and scummy and for pussies not man enough to get on bitches with a true fatty boom batty in. If u want to be really fratty, then call it a fratty boom batty and pack 8-10 lippers a day.
"I need a Fatty Boom Batty!!!" "Lipppeerrrsss!! Yea, fatty boom battys!!!" I love fatty boom battys
by Mark Payne December 15, 2006
Top Definition
n. a spliff
"We went to a bar and smoked a fatty boom batty"
by Ads February 13, 2003
A cannabis joint of unruley size. Usually pertaining to a double papered joint that while of regular length has a disproportionately wide girth.
Yo, I just rolled up a fatty boom-batty jay of this skunky ass weed yo! Were gonna get so high...yeah!
by ChunkyD August 14, 2006
The biggest of all blunts or a big girl one would like to poke
1. Yo man twist up another fatty boom batty bulnt!
2. Maaannn, last night I needed to get some and there was no one but a fatty boom batty
by lonestar July 28, 2004
A large, oversized spliff, usually made with weed rather than cannabis resin.
"Let's stay at home and smoke a Fatty Boom-Batty"
by Ross Purvis November 09, 2003
A big motherfucking joint, at least 2 big rizla's.
As I came into Sam's room and he was just rolling up a Fatty boom batty, next news he blazed that motherfucker up and it smoked goood!
by Glaswejin July 04, 2011
an extremely greedy greedy fat or thin person who has eyes as big as their belly
ur havin your 6th packet of dairylee dunkers in a row..u just a fattyboombatty
by rattyratan October 16, 2009
A female of the obese type, especially in the posterior region.
Tom: Did anybody see that chick I was dancing with last night?
Wes: Dude, two words, Fatty Boombatty!
by Weslon June 02, 2006
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