a dumbass motherfucker that comes to this website to look up these words that we make up
this student has been sayin this word so i better take my dumbass on the net to look for it,because these kids cant have fun with their words.
by kon August 02, 2003
Top Definition
a really fat, orange cat
he must be waddling across the road and a mack truck must be coming at him and his owner to weak to pick him up
three of him must equal me

syn. fatshit, fatass
"oh no, fatshit, come back here!"
by ems March 01, 2004
slang to say "fat of", means something is rich, plentiful.
Lennie in the novel "Of mice and men" said: "I wanna live in the fatta land"
by Trang Nguyen March 20, 2006
A male office assistant with yellow fingers and a heavy smell of smoke.
When the fatta protested his hourly waige, he was reminded that he could become a full commision salisman.
by Anthony Palumbo September 01, 2005
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