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The act of having sex with three different fat girls during the course of one night.
Nicholas was shit faced and had sex with three different fat girls: he started out with Wilma and Helga. He finished the fattrick with Bertha.
by rambler69 September 01, 2011
The term for consecutively eating three or more consumable items that could be deemed as something a "fat-ass" might eat.
In hockey a hat-trick is when a player scores three goals in one game.
A Fat-trick is similiar to this in many ways.
by The pale ram July 10, 2008
Fucking three fat chicks all in the same night at separate times.
Bob: I got a hat trick last night
Tom: What are you talking about? Those chicks were whales, it was a fat trick.
by KD4747 January 09, 2009
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