an overweight or obese and mentally handicapped person.
look at jake over there eating all those donuts like a fat tard
by digeratiX January 04, 2010
Top Definition
of or relating to being extremly fat and stupid at the same time thus being fatly retarded
wow that chance kid is such a fattard.
by md dylan June 20, 2006
One who is exceptionally fat and exceptionally stupid.
"Gawd, that fat Debbie is such a fattard."
by Screamadelica March 02, 2007
One who illustrates characteristics of both fatness and mental disability
"Man that bitch is such a fat-tard"
by phippy August 04, 2004
a fat bastard. this usually applies to parents and/or teachers/priests/siblings/wenchs.
Gabby was telling Diana about how big a fattard her parents were on Saturday.
by Hanmah <(^^)> March 31, 2008
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