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morbidly obese girl or boy. Often owning a gunt & backfat. Most probably unable to see their private parts, & further unable to properly wash themselves; adding to the vile stench that emits from the sweat and various other objects stuck between their fat rolls. With a Hatred of fit or skinny people & any physical exercise. Often in the company of a group of fit girls.Prone to visiting multiple cafes and restaurants eating a piece of cake or icecream at each venue, amassing to many pieces of cake and icecream. Eating food that a skinny person would be worried to eat because of the huge colories. Their legs constructed of cottage cheese looking fat, often looking like corned beef when squished into fishnet stockings. Quite often found wearing gym clothes, and clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Fat rolls making their way to sunshine predominately.
by br@kes July 04, 2011

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