Any great big fat racist redneck who totes guns and loves nascar and has cop blood in his veins
look at that big fat dom over there!
by rusty shacklforth September 30, 2007
Top Definition
a seemingly educate of a gamer, known for their exuberant, outgoing, and often over-complimentary personality.

of rarirty, and elusiveness, they seldom venture into reality, or outside for that matter; dive-bars excluded.

of a fat build, they are known to have a large fleshy stomach/pot belly which is a result of too much time in front of a computer, and too many cases of pbr.
p1: boy, that cibatoni is something else. he just drank that boy's milkshake!

p2: what a fatdom!

p3: werd
by J.E. Jackson March 07, 2008

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