when a girl has unruly pubic hair, so much so that rogue hairs protrude from the underpants.
Avril had a huge fat rabbit...I told her to shave that shit.
by Dep Boyz October 28, 2003
Top Definition
The lips of the vagina that are visable when a woman is bent over.
She turned around, bent over, and showed me that fat rabbit.
by Axelroth June 06, 2005
A big hairy pussy. A bulging cameltoe that surpasses a mooseknuckle.
I could tell it was amateur night at the strip club. There was enough fat rabbit dancing around on stage to make a coat, hat and gloves for a pimp.

My girlfriends' fatrabbit doubles as a hand warmer...no, I meant a hands warmer because you can put more than one in that big fatrabbit.
by ZpprHead March 29, 2010
talking about the mons pubis being thicker or fatter than others
Let me touch it (let me touch it)
Let me feel it (let me feel it)
Let me grab it (let me grab it)
That fat rabbit (fat rabbit, fat rabbit, fat rabbit) Ludacris Song

She has a phat rabbit in those jeans.
by Chunkie Bunnie March 29, 2013
1. A rabbit that's fat.
2. A furball.
3. To describe anything cute, furry and round.
4. Describing a person who chomp greens like a greedy rabbit.
5. An expression refering to your lover or spouse, implying acceptance no matter how fat they will ever become in future.
1. You got one helluva fat rabbit!
2. Oh look at that fat rabbit...is it a cat or a dog?
3. That curtain has got fat rabbit trimmings.
4. Slow down with that salad, fat rabbit.
5. Come here and gimme a hug, ya fat rabbit.
by Fat Rabbit July 07, 2005
A loose vagina
Dat ho had da fattest rabbit I eva seen!
by Playa Hata January 27, 2003
Vagina, and all things gross.
Gross, I totally almost just saw her fat rabbit.
by praank November 23, 2004
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