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a nigger that's larger than the average bear
wow that fat nigger wont get off my lounge and stop playing my wii
by Nigger ben January 14, 2008
1: A Fat Individual Who Sits Around And Smokes Marijuana Out Of A Bong All Day. Then Eats Till He Passes Out.

2: A Lazy Individual

3: A Fat African American

4: Reference For A Persons Name

5: Munching Out When Stoned
1: Dam You Fat Nigger, Pass That Dam Bowl

2: Your Such A Fat Nigger, Pass Me That Bong

3: Dam See That Fat Nigger In The Cadi ?

4: You Call That Fat Nigger

5: Dam Two Boxes Of Pizza? What A Fat Nigger
by Vince Brizaleta July 29, 2006
Steve's special big ass hamburger that is half of the package of ground beef.
Hey adam do you want to cook some fat niggers tonight?

by Hate on that nigger steve August 14, 2008