Another term for a really enormous joint.
"Dude, we have so much weed!
"What are you waiting for, roll a fat crispy!"
by Hikari-san May 26, 2007
Top Definition
A brand new 100 dollar bill.
I'm asking $120 but I'd let it go for a fat crispy.
by Cloudninemike October 21, 2014
The deuce a.k.a. The coffee kids a.k.a. The fat load a.k.a. The jeffersons a.k.a. A turd

A particularly vile, stringy, and bulbous turd was found residing in a house toilet. It was referred to as 'the fat crispy' in what was a swift burst of genius by Neil.
"Man that taco bell isn't sitting right. I think i gotta drop the fat crispy"
by Neil Sarkar October 12, 2004
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