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Trav Murray
Trav Murray is a fat crakka
by Yanni August 20, 2003
trav...the homosexual, the cocksucker, the ape fucker, the llama fucker, need I say more? one of the "owners" of bolt chat, L337 (fat) Crakka who couldn't get laid if a chick twisted in his lap cause his dick is so small even the hubble telescope couldn't find it.
ArSeNaL: i don't give a shit what you think. i'm gonna crack y0 shiat with muh t00Ls biatch
darkgod38984: can't ya just use a hammer instead?
ArSeNaL: y0 biatch i'll do betta. i'll just use muh c0dEbReAkEr and slice your harddrive to shiat.
by WanderingAngel May 26, 2003
Trav Murray
That fat crakka is Tom's brother.
by Tom April 20, 2003
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