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A term used to define a woman with a penchant for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends.

In today's Urban society, "fashionista" is not by any means a negative term.
Thanks to television shows like "Sex and the City" rather more specifically, thanks to actresses such as Sarah Jessica Parker, the image of a "fashionista" has been modernized into a much more positive, powerful and successful feminine role.

Forget the shallow, bitchy, materialistic image so many people are quick to describe.
The truth is, it's the new millenium and the hottest trend right now, is that it's okay to be a woman again. The "fashionista" doesn't look at her femininity as a gender flaw.
Where some may be quick to label her a bitch, others actually take the time to get to know her eccentricities.
"Fashionista's" simply look at Fashion as an Art, their own bodies as the canvas, and the sense of style they develope along the way is simply the masterpiece.
True fashion ("true fashion" as in the clothes and not the stereotypically thin supermodels that wear them) is simply an expression of identity and the people who feel the need to argue that are usually the same people who rarely see the positive in anything.
"Fashionista's" are extremely realistic when it comes to the world of fashion, they're also very knowledgeable about the Fashion Arts.
A person's not automatically materialistic just because they buy a designer suit or expensive jeans, it's often truer about "fashionista's" that they just happen to know (what is called) a "good hand" in fashion. All that means is that the person buying the item is aware of the "quality" of that item.
Buying good quality clothes, that sort of fashion, is not shallow. It's an investment.
A fashionista thinks like this...
Why pay five dollars for say, a white non-label t-shirt when it's just going to shrink or the hem's going to unravel or because it was only five dollars you don't really care about throwing it into the wash with your reds? When you can buy a say, a thirty dollar white CK t-shirt that's in all probability going to last a little longer, won't unravel, and because it was thirty dollars you'll actually care to read the "Care Tag" to see how you can better protect your investment (wash in hot water, with like colours, and most importantly HANG TO DRY)!
by Aliana May 24, 2006
565 300
Someone with too much time one their hands. They only need an opinion to survive in the workplace and they can get away with bad mouthing people for the heck of it.
-What would you like to be when you grow up, Joanie?
-Well, I don't like to do very much, so I think I'll be a fashionista.
by !?$ April 07, 2009
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One who believes in the power of fashion. Fashionistas are typically either stylish women or homosexual men.

As an example of a successful fashionist government, they cite the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas in New York City (1999) almost religiously, in which local fashionistas overthrew the municipal government.
"Blacklist that sucker! He's a Fashionista! Keep an eye out because he'll either try to anally violate you or overthrow our government."
by Comrade Dave February 16, 2007
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An often derogative term for a follower of fashion.

"fashionistas" are often said to be shallow, and care about nothing but looking good and wearing the latest trends.
Just because i'm wearing Dior d'tricks, and a galliano suit doesn't make me shallow, I'm no fashionista.
by Galliano-girl November 16, 2004
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A person, usually female, who keeps the large majority of their attention and interest on their clothing/make-up/general appearance, and cares little of anything else. They typically judge others, particularly potential mates, solely on looks and cliques. In lamen's terms, a fashionable sheep.
"I might be an introvert to you, a shallow fashionista, deep as any paper plate, dressed just like the girl beside you." - The Faint, "How Could I Forget"
by How to Make A Scene October 20, 2004
295 354
Someone that takes fashion so seriously that it has usurped
all their other systems of belief.
It has become their politics.
They rule with an iron fist and
utilize fear more so then any
form of creativity to maintain their
dominance in the style hierarchy.
They are insecure, lonely, vacuos,
after ten minutes you realize all
they have to offer is the only thing
they've talken about, their new shoes.
The following statement would be made by a fashionista, "I really was in love
with him/her but then he/she started doing these colour combos that were really insensitive."
by simonwilkinson.ca November 09, 2003
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Someone who knows everything about fashion. Fashionistas arnet always 'preppys', for example I've paired a judas priest shirt with a chanel jacket before.
Look it her with that street chic bag and manolo heels, damn shes one fashionista.
by Emmi January 19, 2005
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someone who lives in hoxton and has an impeccable eye for latest trends and styles and the authority.
oh look at that mullet, isn't it grand dear?
by the bear up a tree July 18, 2003
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