Evan Chen correctly defines the term Fascist as his pious and heavy-handed actions reveal to us his true totalitarian intent.
I heard him mutter a racially discriminatory phrase about 'Westerners' in gym class, what a fascist.
by anonymous January 13, 2005
Somebody who believes that the government should be run by dictation
Some guy: Facists suck.
by flaris November 02, 2004
Right wing Europeon political groups from the eary 20th centry that still exist in some parts today.
Damn the fascists in France are complete idiots. (the right wing party in france is anti-american rascist and fascist)
by Nigger McCoon October 13, 2003
Someone who beats a liberal in an argument.
"Your such a ... eh ... fascist!"
by Pink0 June 24, 2006
Someone who has a large forehead and encourages dancing like a nazi. Can be pronounced Face-ist if you feel like a change.
Example 'Look at the size of Richards Face'
'Yes, he is a Fascist '
by Nikki Lewis July 07, 2006
Something a(stupid)liberal will call you if you disagree with them. Calling a republican a fascist is just as bad as calling a democrat a communist.

In real life, it is a horrible form of government that has a dictator ruling all. Adolf Hitler is a good example. Fascism is really gay!
Liberal: All republicans are religion pushing,raciest, gay bashing bitches!

Me:Actually I'm atheist and for gay marriage I just think democrats are retarted.

Liberal: You close-minded fascist!

Me: What???
by stevedawg13 August 02, 2006

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