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When someone farts on or near your balls/vagina and the resulting movement of air tickles your balls / vagina.
" Yeah it was crazy. I was big spoon,she was little spoon and passed out. And I was falling asleep but then she fart tickled me and I couldn't help but be aroused. Is that weird?"

"Right in the middle of the lapdance she fartickled me! so I took the $20 out of her c-string and stormed out."
by Liquid524 January 17, 2013
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Portmanteau of fart and tickle.

The fact of pressing your lips on somebody's stomach (usually a baby) and blow on it. The result is a tickling sensation and a flatuation sound.

In that way, it is a kind of raspberry, but for the sole purpose of tickling and not contemptful in any way.
Stop being moody or I'll have to fartickle you.
by Le French April 24, 2008
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