This word is used to define the person who hangs around the bathroom for no particular reason other than to (presumably) sniff farts. Their true motives are unknown so one can only assume they enjoy the aroma of a hand-crafted fart.
What's up with Judy? She's always hanging out in the bathroom, the freaky fart-sniffer.
by Eric July 11, 2004
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One who sniffs farts. A person that snorts up the anal fumes of another. Not to be confused with a fart lighter.
1) Dude, you are a fart sniffer, man.

2) She said she was a fart sniffer so I obliged her, but I pushed too hard and made her eat corn. Bummer....
by Knucklehead Steve September 27, 2004
One who smells farts as a hobby
There was a fartsniffer on the elevator as he eyed carefully all of the young ladies riding up after lunch
by AlbertEinstein March 31, 2003
Someone who is so pretentious they enjoy the smell of their own farts.
People from San Francisco is made up of Fart Sniffers
by Denverkid November 28, 2009
Someone who farts thy hand and smells thee.
This is an example of a fartsniffer.
by JustinJJJ January 14, 2005
A person who's so damn lazy and slothful that he's developed chronic constipation. As a result the highlight of his day is enjoying the copious amount of farts he produces as a consequence!
Good Lord! Ever since that Fart Sniffer's been out of work, he just sits there in front of his computer letting one rip after another! Frankly I'm afraid to enter the room without a GAS MASK!
by pumpnose July 11, 2011

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