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Colloquially known as a "skunk."
"Ooooooh, look, a cute little fart squirrel! Quick, run up and see if you can pet it!"
by O2L January 08, 2016
Another name for skunk.
Jimi and I were cruising along when a fart squirrel ran out in front of the pick'em up truck.
by Razorayne December 15, 2015
an adorable euphemism for a skunk
The fart squirrel sprayed my dog in the face.
by BxJmc January 08, 2016
Fart squirrel, also known as a common skunk.. Internet peoples way to call animals based on what they are discovering on their own
I was outside and I came upon a fart squirrel.. It sprayed me
by Internet's_translator January 02, 2016
A skunk.
"Do you smell that? Someone must have run over a fart squirrel back there."
by notvelvet November 22, 2015
A skunk - See various memes
Did you see that fart squirrel over there in the bushes?!
by Biffosscott November 17, 2015
A black rodent with a white stripe down its body. It Releases a pheromone that smells like burning cannabis when threatened.
Oh no, we ran over a fart squirrel
via giphy
by DistractedMatt November 14, 2015
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