One experienced in the ways of expeling methane gas from the rear ends of the body.

Also, a masta of flatulence.
A huff, a puff, and the fart master almost set my house on fire.
by Squanto November 20, 2002
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A god amongst mere mortals in the area of flatulence. "Fart masters" typically are age 35 and up and dwell in basements.
Fall before the might of the fart master!!
by Hans Hansington November 20, 2007
A creater of immensely powerful farts, ranging from either sheer loudness or deathly odour.
Holy shit dude, you're the could cut that fart with a chair leg.
by August 28, 2009
"The One" The messiah of flatulance.
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
One who masters the art of farting.
Wow, your a real fart master!
by Nick Quandanko November 20, 2002
One who outstinks all others in a fart contest.
The fart master had us all gasping for air.
by Johnny May 18, 2003
One who can fart at will, and other people too.
The fart master let one rip as soon as the speaker was done, as to accent the the spoken word.
by Rick D. July 24, 2003

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