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The fever you get when you fart uncontrollably and dehydrate yourslef.
Dude!! I farted so much from that fucking Mexican food that I contracted Fart Fever at a rate of 103 degrees!
by Al Meza August 21, 2007
6 6
The fever you have after farting for 3 straight hours from the food you ate at your friends house.
"Man, I came down with a case of fart fever from that fucking burrito!"
by CockMan79 May 12, 2009
5 1
when you fart uncontrollably and you have a fever. it reeks of stank and fish!!
In a galaxy far away, Sarah had surcumbed to the fart fever and the entire milky way galaxy could smell her delicious farts.
by Nobody1565 June 04, 2007
7 5