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A faggot who thinks he's so nice but he isn't.
person 1: "I'm so good at programming, I got to start making games."

person 2: "You can't program for shit, your such a farnumm"

person 1: "A what?"

person 2: "A faggot"
by all things wex November 27, 2010
a person who thinks he can dj. a type of cancer that has no cure but to beat the shit out of it. has a wierd fohawk and looks like a rooster. and is a douchebag to everyone. is a homosexual but didnt come out of the closet yet

phrases: dont be a farnumm.
your even worse then farnumm at dj-ing
person 1: "hey, did you see dj fagnified"

person 2: "ohh, do you mean farnumm?"

Person 1: "yeahh that faggot!"
by wexford students October 15, 2010
A stupid gino who thinks he can dj.
He also says he loves every girl, and two minutes later will call them a cunt, hoe, slut, whore, and say he hates them.
An okay looking guy, but a complete asshole, who ladies love anyways.
Girl 1: He said he hated me , right after he said he missed me!
Girl 2: What a Farnumm!
by Lalalalalaaaa. April 04, 2010

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