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An ugly persian guy who likes being called perducci
look at farid! he is so ugly
by Albane May 31, 2007
32 506
1) One being extremely sexy.
2) Very attractive person.
3) God Mode.
Holy hell that guy is such a FARID, I mean look how sexy he is.

Daayyymmm look at Farid, hes hawt as hell.
by Qwerp March 26, 2009
592 54
a callsign in malay use for an extraordinary human who exceed the limit of normal human and also mostly consist of freaks. Usually it refers to superhero and sometimes refers to freak
hey, thats guy is a farid, he's damn cool but still hes a farid. Better stay away from farid

farid boredom is killing me, we need farid to help solve this trouble
by boredom is killing me October 03, 2005
80 78
Name given to the distance before the islamic holiday of Ead.
Shiiiiiiiiit, we still got farid till we can roast that goat.
by anonymous June 12, 2003
44 56