Swedish word for uncle or old man. Can be used in a condescending way to emphasize a person's dullnes and/or premature manners. In some swedish subcultures it can also be used as an adjective that can replace almost any other word or phrase that reflects any kind of outburst. Example: "Totally sweet", "awesome", "1337zorz", "like the worst day of my life", "boring"...
1) That old guy over there, he is my farbror.

2) Stop being such a lame ass party pooper, you premature farbror

3) Did you play the online gaming last night? I did. I got soooo many frags. I was soooo farbror.

4) -I met 2 blonds yesterday and had such a nice threesome! -Ohh! You farbror!
by Mormor Marianne August 16, 2006
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