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Masturbation paraphernalia; apparatus designed for pleasuring oneself. Including, but not limited to: dildos, lube, sex dolls, fleshlight type devices, physical copies of porn etc. Can also refer to items used, but not necessarily designed for, masturbation, such as: hand lotion, kleenex, bananas, zucchini & other phallic produce, detachable shower head, etc.
Brad asked me to grab something outta the drawer in his bed side table. Lotta faparatus in there... lotion, kleenex, the whole nine. I didn't touch anything.

I need a new pipe, but really don't wanna go in that headshop with all the kinky faparatus. Dildos shouldn't be by the register, it's just awkward.

Well, I could attempt online dating, or just invest in some nice faparatus.
by the wiles December 21, 2013

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