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The male version of a cock tease. A man who flirts and makes promises with a woman and then backs out at the last minute.
John said he was ready for phone sex then texted me at the last minute to say he was going out shopping instead. He’s a total fanny dangler.
by dingleberrysrus April 25, 2012
a skirt woren by a girl that is so short u can almost see her fanny. this term cums from the saying "ankle danglers" meaning really short trousers.
ur mum was wearing a fanny dangler last night so i pumped her!
by kyle pender September 25, 2007
The Appearance of ones vagina.
There are different types of vagina, some are Innies, and others are outties, A Fanny Dangler is an Outtie.
Oh my gosh, i wish i was still with jackie, because Sarah, is a fanny dangler!
by Fulzy07 January 04, 2007