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When someone male or female is acting stupid or a girl whose fanny looks better than her face or whose face looks like a fanny!
Eurgh you have a fanny face!! your soo dumb!!

Why are you sucha fanny face?!

Its ok!! her fanny is in good condition, shame about the face!! o well will just put a brown paper bag over it whilst im doing ma buisness!!
by areilly February 08, 2008
a wee odd shaped hairy armed ugly fcker who u could just call fanny face! she is one insignificant creature whos in charge of many people & abuses her position, god help them!
have u got 2 minutes? no i havent, fuck off fanny face!!!
by odd shaped hater February 15, 2008
someone that is unfortunate enough to have the shape of a fanny (pussy) with their tongue slightly hanging out
Pete woke up this morning looking like a fanny face
by Eli Ali and Borris August 12, 2006
(n.) A person with a recent scar going vertically down thier face.
Butt licka after I finish cutting him apart.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 20, 2004
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