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A Scottish curse word.

Often pronounced "Fanniebaws"
"stop kickin me ya pure wee fanniebaws!"
by Sarah xHx April 20, 2003

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A lush (woman), who gets shipwrecked on the good Ship Morgan
That girls a proper Fannyballs, a right little sort
by Andross 1978 April 02, 2008
A transexual, homosexual, or effeminate man. Also an over-sensitive male.
That Dr. Phil is a fannyballs.
by Boyo85 December 09, 2009
A bird what done all them things
Shes a proper little fannyballs that one, a right little sort
by Andross 1978 April 01, 2008
A hippy-type who embraces trees on a regular basis.
You are a fannyballs, leave my tree alone.
by Swampy May 27, 2003
a male/female that is not liked.
(could be either gender or both)
you should have seen him at the weekend......what a fannyballs!
by Anonymous April 06, 2003