shoo! look at dat big azz fanny!
by the parsh January 31, 2003
Top Definition
UK Slang for the vagina.
She's obssed with sex. All she talks about are cocks and fannies.
by Nicole H June 04, 2007
sometimes used as another word for butt, but also used as a name. Fannies are wonderful people who are really really pretty and nice and talented and make the best cousins in the world. Everybody loves them and wishes they were a Fannie!
Basically the most awesome people in the entire world.
Person 1: "Hey, did you know that it't Fannie's birthday on thursday?"

Person 2: "No way! Fannie's the best!! I wish I was her. I hope she has the best one yet"
by ilovefannie February 01, 2011
from the latin word...wanting to frig like a rabbit
I was about to fannie her when her sister walked in so i fannied them both.
by Bob February 21, 2005
Fannie is a great soccer player and my best friend!!!
I went to see Fannie play soccer! It was great, she blocked every goal:)
by Kelli H! April 17, 2005
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