A cartoon show superior to The Simpsons.
Ofently misunderstood by ignorant people who have not the intelligence to get the jokes and dismiss them as "random pop culture references" because they just parrot that South Park episode.
Ignorant person: "Hey, in that Family Guy episode, the thing with 'Round Table' with Al Michaels, Harold Ramis, Ray Romano and Kermit the Frog was completely random! That sucks!"
Family Guy fan: "The joke was that all their voices sounded the same, you uneducated twat!"
by TomSFox January 19, 2007
One of the most overrated TV shows of the 21st century thus far. The early years were good, but since its return it has been boring, yet everyone likes it and sees it as better than the Simpsons, even though it is pretty much ripping of the Simpsons completely.

The characters are simple and unfunny.
Everyone else says family guy is funny and doesn't like the simpsons. I think they are insane.
by Name-42 July 08, 2006
A derivative and boring show that mindlessly quotes pop culture 3/4ths of its target audience does not understand.
"Did you watch Family Guy last night? They referenced the A-Team, Sanford and Son, and Lindsay Lohan within a minute!"
by Hazel August 04, 2006
A heinously unamusing television show that should have remained cancelled which is often misconstrued as humorous because of its ZOMG "shock value" even though without its "political incorrectness", Barney the Purple Dinosaur would be funnier (actually, it pretty much is already...). To be repetitive, Family Guy is a pitiful imitation of the Simpsons, as I recall using to watch episodes of Family Guy that were a direct copy of Simpsons episodes. Furthermore, Family Guy's jokes are so desperate that they never make sense and therefore equate to basic pop culture name dropping. A show that is so grating on many levels, Family Guy is very revealing of creator Seth McFarlane's personality. Clearly he projects his favorable bias toward bullying on his character, Meg. From about six o'clock in the evening until four o'clock in the morning, always be prepared to change the channel because if Family Guy isn't already on, it'll be on that channel following whatever program you happen to be watching.
After this episode of Seinfeld, brace yourself for three hours of Family Guy, and then even more Family Guy after an hour of TV shows that actually don't make your teeth itch!
by Cadaverine January 11, 2011
Very formulaic and repetative mainstream animated comedy. Other than a few jokes that could be cast-offs from the NEWER series of The Simpsons, half the humour starts with words such as "remember the time when..." which lead into some "humorous" random flashback sequence, the other half being visual references to pop culture past and present that you can see coming from a mile off... Loses it's freshness well within the 3 episode mark.

Also manages to spawn annoying catch phrases that trendies and wannabe liberal hipsters like to repeat.

The fans are usually irritating too.
Kid 1: family guy iz so awesum!1
Kid 2: No, go and watch some Blackadder, Red Dwarf, or if you realy need animated comedy, South Park. At least they don't resort to 1937284562 "remember the time when..." jokes
by PsychoFox October 19, 2007
probably the most retarded show ever
not funny at all
making interchangeable jokes about celebrities and events that have nothing to do with the story line is not funny
i wish it had stayed off the air
peter - so loise i forgot to take out the trash
loise - peter thats very bad
peter - you think thats bad? remember the time i went to a britany spears show dressed goth

*scene showing peter getting his ass kicked by a bunch of preteen girls*

peter - now that was bad... what were we talking about?
loise - you forgetting to take out the trash, and how bad it is
peter - you think thats bad? remember the time that shitty show, family guy, was brought back for a third season?
by Keir1063 September 11, 2006
a highly overrated show popular with geeks with no originality of their own because they need to watch it to get some lame new catchphrase. despite what some think, it doesn't copy the simpsons. it also has less direction than a blind Jew. mostly comprised of flashback scenes with no connection to the plot (if there is any) and features boring rants by a lemonheaded baby.
A: Wow, why am I watching this Family Guy crap when South Park is on?
B: I don't now, maybe you're queer.
by mombanger69 February 23, 2006
The most poorly writtin show on TV. Everything on the show is stolen, from celebrity jokes to the charectors themselfs. The Family Guy writers couldn't write a joke on there own so they steal from pop culture. The storylines are stupid, ranging from Lois' long lost brother kills fat people and Peter travels to the south and becomes sherrif, and then moves back.

The whole series of Family Guy is constantly followed by fan boys. Often, they just watch family guy for a new catchphrase to use around school. Most of them are from Stewie (which is probably the unfunneist charector in the Show next to Brian)
The Simpsons
Homer: Head of the house, physically largest, stupid, entirely unaware of his own stupidity.
Marge: The voice of reason, opposite background from husband
Bart - tries to follow in father's footsteps
Lisa - social outcast

Peter - Head of the house, physically largest, stupid, entirely unaware of his own stupidity.
Lois: The voice of reasonm, opposite background from husband
Chris - tries to follow in father's footsteps
Meg - social outcast

Stan - Head of the house, physically largest, stupid, entirely unaware of his own stupidity.
Francine - The voice of reasonm, opposite background from husband
Steve - tries to follow in father's footsteps
Hayley - social outcast
by Spikesy July 09, 2006
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