(see also: parents)

1) An imaginary concept invented by adults, who use the excuse of 'blood relation' to explain why a: you must have their permission for everything you do, b: you must always love them more than you love anybody else, and c: everything they do to ruin your life is 'for your own good.'

2) The name you give to the people whose house you live in until you can afford not to.

3) What it's called when two people have a baby and then proceed to stake a permanent claim on anything and everything to do with that child's life from conception until death based on the idea that just because he or she came out of their private parts that gives them the right and obligation to be a part of their life forever.

4) A contract made between two generations when the younger generation receives allowance, food, and bedding and the older generation receives complete and total power over the younger and the right and ability to completely ruin their lives whenever beneficial to them.
1. Ex. "YES you have to come on this week-long trip with us; you're a part of this family!"

2. Ex. "Let's go to your house; I'd rather you not have to put up with my family."

3. Ex. "You will respect us because we are your family!"

4. Ex. "You will do this because that's what it means to be in this family."
by C.S.H. December 28, 2009
n. something you can never change but is what you'll always want the most. they will annoy you, but they'll always make sure that your ok. the random combinations of people never make sense, but in the end it doesn't matter because love them or hate them, you're stuck with them
It'll take a cold day in hell to make me stop loving my family. If you've ever met them, you'd give me a pat on the back.
by logicalmolly April 06, 2009
A family is a group of people who are related or who treat each other as if they are related, connected not only by blood, but also by heart and soul.

The Shadowhunters cast is a family, in every sense of the word
The Shadowhunters Cast is a family because they treat each other like they are related.
by Taylor_84 June 07, 2016
Some group of family you have a strong connection with. A group of people who love you no matter what. A family of friends and forever friendship
"Families are forever there for you" "Families are so kind and always forgiving"
-girl 1 - "friendship can lead to becoming a family"
-girl 2 - "i love my family"
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by CandyCreamFriendship March 03, 2016
1.Group of people attached by bounds of blood,marriage or adaptation and usually live in the same house.2.Fundamental,multifunctional institution of society.3.Group of people or things with common characteristics.4.Taxonomic group of organisms.
He's not just a friend. He's family
by Hungry4knowledge November 10, 2015
A group of people who love each other no matter what happens. People who got each others back even if the others stabbed theirs. people who gather for family cook outs (mainly on sunday), a tradition started by a strong loving relative who kept the family together, from splitting apart far away. People who go to family events or an important event for a relative even if the family member doesn't like another family member. They will suck it up and have a good time without worrying about the others, who would set their problems aside to be with a family member.
Everyone gather for our 14th annual family reunion.
by jdmloverboi14 April 17, 2015
People who you don't like but have to live with, oh also They probably don't like you either
PHIL: I hate him
Bob: is he part of your family?
by THE DEFINER March 11, 2015
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