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A person who has been jaded by life but has not let it destroy their inner beauty or their compassion. They still believe in mankind and will go above and beyond for friends and family. However, romantic love still eludes them as they have created walls in their heart that are difficult to breach.
Just when I felt I was at the lowest point of my life I met a fallen angel
by Broken angels August 29, 2006
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Someone who is currently going through rough times or has had a bad past (Depression, abuse, self harm, family issues, ect). Normally someone who has a lot of inner beauty and some external beauty.
Abbey: You're such a fallen angel
Shelby: What do you mean?
Abbey: You have a rough past and have some issues but you're the nicest person I know.
by rainbowbanda November 14, 2015
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Essentially, a fallen angel, is an angel, fallen from heaven, much more commonly referred to as a demon.
satan is a fallen angel
by B34ST1Y March 16, 2007
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An angel that has been cast out and barred from Heaven as punishment for rebellion.
by Cainman September 09, 2013
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1. Angels that haven fallen to Earth. They were punished for irresponsible actions , a devil like mind.
1. Lola woke up on the hard ground. Where was she? Why was she here? Why wasn't she in the clouds. She was on Earth. She begged for forgiveness. She realized she was a Fallen Angel.
by fallendreams June 13, 2012
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A person who is dead, and rejected from heaven and hell. Forced to suffer by wandering the earth for all eternity
Forever suffering as a fallen angel.....
by Mack H May 18, 2007
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john is a fallen angel
by john March 19, 2004
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