Obliterating your opposition when playing as the character Falco in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
"I got five kills with Falco and you only managed to hit me once with DK, FALCOWNED!!!"
by Dan Rotten July 19, 2007
Top Definition
when playing super smash brothers, captain falcon destroys you.

being "owned" by captain falcon.
ha i falcowned you, serves you right for choosing pikachu!
by Zippiot December 12, 2005
While playing Super Smash Bros Melee., an opponent is hit with Falco or Capt. Falcon's spikes.
"You might as well not even try to come back to the stage, because you are guaranteed to get falcowned by me."
by Nadez 4 Dayz July 16, 2008
Falcowned is similar in use to the word pwned. The word is more specific to losing a match in Super Smash Bros against the character Falco but can be applied to 'owning' someone in general be it through gaming ability, wit, physical ability etc.
Joe got Falcowned by a level 6 yoshi
by Dan Wright November 22, 2006
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