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1. To call someone out to a fight and back down out of fear
2. To try to appear tough and hard but really be a little bitch on the inside
3. To use lies and false propaganda to make it seem as if you are a pimp or a G
This word is basically like the dictionary version of the word "fake" in that is has to do with appearing false as a negative act.
1. "Ey ain't that them niggaz from Leewood?"
-"Man hell yea, but don't waste ya time, them niggaz fakin"
2. "Ey I'm trynna unload on them niggaz cuz, I heard they was fakin on me
3."Cuz you be fakin liiike, (you be fakin riiight)- Backyard Band 9-29-03
by Mister_12G January 26, 2005
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