a vacation to a city less desirable than your home.
Im going to miss the San Diego sun on my fake-cation to alaska to visit family.
by ahhskiski June 27, 2009
Top Definition
when you spend your whole vacation visiting relatives. see also oblication.
I have not gotten a vacation this year. I took the kids on a fakecation.
by eatmorchickn July 10, 2009
Fakecation: noun
Fakecationing: verb
(akin to Fauxliday in Britain)


a) When one dedicates his time to work, or is distracted by work related issues while away on 'vacation'.

b) Allowing one's emotional baggage, negative energy or worldy woes to distract them from true 'vacationing'.

C) Fakecationer:
a person doing any of the above, or, anyone who walks around throughout the entire vacation with a Bluetooth earpiece glued to the side of their face!
"I was ready to kick Keisha to the curb after our honeymoon! She was staring at that stupid laptop the whole time; it was a total fakecation!"
by Manny Styles March 21, 2010
when your boss says he's going on vacation, but still periodically comes into the office to hang out.
I found out my boss meant he was on fakecation when I showed up late Monday morning and he was waiting for me.
by Kat Moreau August 04, 2008
N: Driving two counties over to stay in a motel 6. Then cruising the back roads home.
I went on a fakecation to the motel 6 about an hour away this weekend. It took me three hours to get home on the back roads.
by JussieB July 04, 2011
Tagging along with your spouse on a business trip so you can just get away from home. It is especially a "fakecation" if it's a roadtrip to a location you wouldn't visit otherwise.
My husband, Dan, has to drive to Akron for work. I think I'll go with him so I can get away and have a "fakecation".
by JayceeYvonne April 12, 2010
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