a fat vaj.
He stuck his choad in her faj
by nick kirschner July 10, 2008
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aussie slang for vagina
"i stuck it in her faj"
by j-j November 12, 2003
A female Homosexual or Woman Fag
Wow Elise is such a Faj
by Jewbixcube October 26, 2009
1. a slang word used by people in Westchester to denote those who are being excessively annoying and/or flaming.

2. 17C french conjunction, short for faggot.
1. "You are being such a fucking faJ, i'll skeet on you"

2. "Oui, je suis un faJ"
by P Lo October 17, 2004
The vagina of a gay women.(Lesbian); It is derived from the word fag, meaning gay, and vagina.
My faj really hurts today; My girlfriend really worked my faj last night, and now i have to clean it so I don't get an infection.
by Lamonies January 24, 2007
Womans vagina
'can i eat your faj'
'show us your faj'
by Annie and Ed October 17, 2003
An item of the female anatomy that conway takes offence to. A pleasure crevice.
Hey conway lets go get some faj. 'No I'll be right, I would rather make love to this sweet, sweet pill. I will bring new meaning to pick and drive.'

Hey faj face hows the boomer faj. 'Good'
by Boomer Lover August 08, 2006

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