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The kind of karate that fairies do. Most commonly it is done at random, ambush style, and results in the fairy taking advantage of the guy she attacks; however, she is never resisted and the guy loves it. Often is in the form of ridiculous karate chops and hi-yas. Can be flying or on the ground. Also can be done wearing fairy costumes.
Fairy- Watch out cause I am about to use my fairy fu and karate chop you!
Man- Oh fairy please don't. I would die if you had your way with me!
Fairy- Pow! Karate Chop Chop Chop! Now let me do what I want to you or I will fairy fu you again.
Man- Ok Fairy I submit.
#fairy #karate #karate chops #hi-ya #costumes
by Rachel the Fairy December 31, 2008
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