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1. Describes a fanatic who celebrates extensively when their favorite sports team is doing well but lives almost hermit-like when their sports team is getting dominated

2. Liking a collegiate team in one sport and always claiming them as your team but supporting them in another sport ONLY when they're doing well.
That nigger Randy Russell claims he's a University of Florida fan in general, but he's never supported anything but their football team, that is, until their basketball team made the NCAA tournament; what a fairweathered fan that cocksucking monkeyfucker is.
by C. Wizzle March 14, 2005
1. A fan who only likes a team when it is winning
John used to like the Mariners but now that they have been losing a lot he now likes the Dodgers. He is such a fair weathered fan
by Azombieatemyshoelace October 12, 2009

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