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After 3 years of putting up with this school, I think I have enough authorities to say that, please dont waste your money here. This school is not even as good as any of the Northern Virginia public schools, charging an absurd amount of money to be trapped in a box all day long. Administration is an ass. (yes you know who I'm talking about) who does not care about the student body at all, but rather spending their time squeezing the last dime out of their students.
Asians are HUGE at this school. Yes it is true that only because this school takes care of the I20 and Sevis rather smoothly do students choose to go here. 90% of the student body is international students, 70% of which are from Korea.

School rules are ridiculous. Administrative dominates the school. Students are not allowed to do anything besides following the rules.
Teachers (with 2, maybe 3 exceptions) are the worst thing about this school, especially Brown. you just have to be a little b about everything dont you.
the only good thing is that students are very friendly. you will never feel left out here. they are in no way snobby or tacky even though our parents pay well off 20k/year for us to go here and are also among the best Virginia has ever seen.
Brown storms in a classroom during class period at Fairfax Christian School randomly, look around and try to find someone to pick on:
you need to wear your blazer. come on. office.

Brown staring at the seniors during lunch because some of us are having more fun than he has ever known off:
hey what are you doing? hey, hey!
by later00 February 28, 2011
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