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when a person (most commonly fairbank) askes you to do somthing that you do not wish to do, but because of the forcefullness of the person you can not refuse
after she had asked me to clean out her office i knew that i couldn't say no and that i had been fairbanked.
#fairbanks #farbank #fairbankk #powned #pnwd
by Ann Nonomus December 05, 2006
When one is so drunk at a strip club that you are actually falling asleep at the table, only to awaken to a stripper or random patron holding a one-sided conversation with you. Named after a popular strip club in Toronto.
Dude, do you remember anything about the strip club last night?

Bro, we totally fairbanked. I still don't know what that stripper was talking about before I swatted her away.
#fairbank #fairbank-ed #fairbanks #toronto #strip club
by A-Train404 January 24, 2013
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